Of French and Korean descent, with a distinctive voice, a University of Oxford degree and an eye-catching personal style, Séline Delcourt is an artist on the rise.


The songstress authors all of her lyrics, melodies, chords and instrumentals. Composed on the piano, her music crosses eras and genres, reflecting her mixed heritage and cultural background. Characterised by a melancholy beauty and a haunting, cinematic production, her strikingly honest lyrics express pain, hope and longing – all powerfully delivered in a rich and sultry voice.


Her life and art are defined by a quest for a sense of self and belonging. She learnt to understand herself during a turbulent childhood by turning to music and literature. She was particularly influenced by the works of great French poets (Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Nerval), and was awarded first prize in a French national poetry competition. She wrote and sang throughout the years, choosing to dedicate herself to these passions.


The words matter. Her songs are deeply rooted in personal truths, while simultaneously being universally evocative. Her world is beautiful and dark, vividly conveyed by a bold and dramatic production that leaves room for the uniqueness of her voice to ring out.


Now based in London, Séline Delcourt is working on her debut release, in collaboration with Grammy award-winning producers. She was recently selected to represent South Korea in an international music competition showcasing upcoming musical talent, and performed in the televised presentation of the 2020 edition of the Luxembourg Peace Prize.


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